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Tapping into the transformation in ASEAN and MENAT

These are exciting times on both sides of the ASEAN-MENAT trade corridor. The Middle East economy is once again in full swing as the Covid pandemic recedes and growth in Asia continues to outstrip much of the rest of the world.

ASEAN-MENAT trade potential opportunity

As the world emerges from the pandemic lockdown into a new world of geopolitical, macroeconomic and trade frictions, new opportunities are arising across a trade route that stretches back more than a thousand years, between what today are two of the world's economically most dynamic regions.

With global supply lines being redrawn and the technological revolution continuing to gather pace, the two regions most ideally placed to tap into these new opportunities are the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Our latest outlook report focuses on the opportunities for businesses on both sides of the ASEAN-MENAT corridor, so click the link below to access the report and find out where the potential lies to expand and grow in these dynamic and exciting markets.

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ASEAN digital economy 2019-2025

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