Trade Research: Connecting Thailand and the world

International businesses are accelerating their growth into Southeast Asia (SEA). Our Trade Research report captures the sentiment of over 3,500 companies from across nine markets that are either considering or already doing business in the region.

Growing interest and expectations in SEA

As the disruptive effects of COVID-19 recede, our report reveals high levels of expected growth among foreign firms operating in SEA, a strong appetite for M&A activity, and a widespread confidence in the economic growth potential of the region.


Companies expect to see 23% annual organic growth in SEA markets in 2023 compared to 20% last year


plan to expand into a new SEA market over the next 2 years


expect their organic growth to increase by 20% or more in SEA

Access the full 'Trade Research - Connecting Southeast Asia and the world' report now.

Thailand: the leading choice for business expansion


companies who already operate in Thailand expect to prioritise growth there over the next 2 years


rate Thailand’s skilled workforce as the most attractive feature of the market


expect technology to drive a substantial increase in economic growth in Thailand over the next 10 years

Access the full 'Trade Research - Connecting Thailand and the world' report now.

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