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Be better informed with real time visibility with PromptPay Thai QR

Collect from your customers in real-time using PromptPay Thai QR

Providing you with real-time1 visibility of your working capital

Key features

  • Visibility and control over your cash position through immediate credit of funds with richer information (Biller ID, Ref1, and Ref2).
  • Various forms of Thai QR, including physical and electronic versions. Present the QR at your service counters for your customers to scan for payment.
  • Availability of funds typically within 60 seconds or less, avoiding delays associated with alternative forms of payment.

Key benefits

  • A user-friendly and convenient payment experience for customers could help increase sales.
  • A potential increase in automation of receivables reconciliation could make you cost savings.
  • Reducing cash collection over service counters could eliminate risk and expedite cash management.

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