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Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of bank guarantees and standby letters of credit.

Our bank guarantees solutions

A bank guarantee could enable you to negotiate favourable terms with buyers and suppliers by protecting them from non-performance under a contract while addressing your financing needs. HSBC offers tailored solutions including performance, advance payment, tender, warranty, financial guarantees and standby letters of credit as well as others upon request.

With our strong credit rating, extensive network, local market expertise and servicing excellence, HSBC is your partner of choice for guarantee issuance.

Financial guarantees

Use our lease, customs and other financial guarantees as a substitute for cash deposits with your counterparties, freeing your working capital and potentially securing favourable contract terms.

Non-financial guarantees

Open up new tender opportunities with HSBC-issued tender bonds, negotiate better contract terms via our performance and warranty guarantees and secure up-front payments via our advance payment guarantees.

Standby letters of credit

In markets where your suppliers and buyers are less comfortable with guarantees, HSBC can support your business via both financial and non-financial standby letters of credit.

Digital Guarantees

HSBC is well positioned to support you in the issuance of digital guarantees to beneficiaries on the Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative.

New to our digital proposition*:

HSBC has launched a Wording Collaboration Tool to simplify the review guarantee texts – allowing you to have discussions with HSBC and other parties seamlessly. The final agreed text will then be stored in your HSBCnet text library, available for easy reuse.

If you receive guarantees from your customers or suppliers, and the guarantees are advised through HSBC, you will be able to view their details on HSBCnet, enabling you to better manage your guarantees received.

*Available in selected markets.


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