Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting

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Explore how HSBC’s Cash flow forecasting service can help you to replace complex spreadsheets by streamlining forecasting process and provide advanced data analytics capabilities.

HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting service is a part of the Bank’s drive for digital innovation

Accessed via HSBCnet, the Cash Flow Forecasting service can provide Treasurer with an accurate and timely forecast of their Global liquidity position, not just in the short-term basis, but as far forward as possible in future (up to 3 years).

The Dashboard provides an “at-a-glance” view of key performance indicators that a Treasurer may rely on to make decisions or to trigger more in-depth analysis of cash flow. Indicators such as Bank Account balances and Accounts Receivable collections for a forecast period provide a barometer of future liquidity.

Taking business line feeds via automated and manual input, the Cash Flow Forecasting tool is able to compile movements that might impact an organisation’s day to day cash position from present out to your chosen time horizon into the future.

The intelligent transaction mapping functionality available within platform allows client to define business rules and automatically group the bank transactions into different cash flow categories.

The platform includes a comprehensive suite of reporting tools which clients can utilise for cash-flow trend analysis and to compare the accuracy of their forecast.

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